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 Applications: F.A.Q. 
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What do I do with my application?

If you've taken the time to read the posts in this section, you should already know the answer.

Why haven't I heard from you in [n] days?

There are many reasons to why it might take a while to get a "Yes" or "No" to your application. The most frequent one is that we're leaning towards the listed points of "experience" below. Either we try to make up our mind between two applicants - we usually don't trial two or more players at the same time for one spot - or we're awaiting further applications in case we might find someone more experienced than you. Trying to enforce us to take a decision might result in a lost chance of a trial.

However, it might also be that your application has been "lost" amongst other recruits on the boards. So while we strongly advise you not to enforce us to take a decision, we recommend that you contact us for an update if you have not heard from us in 10 days or so.

Then of course, there is always the risk that we've tossed your application in the pile of other garbage and forgot to tell you about it, but that is fairly rare. :lol:

Why was my application rejected?

No, we won't always answer this question in detail. Applications can be rejected for several reasons and the most common ones of these are:

  • We aren't currently recruiting the class or we've found a more experienced/renowned player. These applications might be revisited if the spot should reopen within a near future. Feel free to make yourself heard if the spot opens up again. We might have forgotten your application or just assumed that you've found another good home.
  • Crappy application - the application was minimalistic or gave the impression of poor English skills. These applications goes to the trashbin shortly after they have been posted. If you could not be arsed to write a proper application in the first place, or if you are trying to hide your past, you are not the one we are looking for. Don't bother sending another one.
  • Lack of experience. We don't think you suck per default just because your previous guild(s) did not raid at our level. However, we do know from experience that players who come from casual guilds will have a hard time passing their trial because there is way too much to take in at once. New mobs to learn, a lot of gear lacking making it hard to judge the true quality of the player, and readapting to new strats at the same time as you have to learn to cooperate with new people easily becomes too much. To save their time and ours, we often decline applicants with low experience a trial. If you know you might become one of these, make sure to convince us in your application that you have what it takes to take on this gargantuan task. If you have already been declined a trial, get some more experience and contact us again in a couple of months.
  • Dissuasion. Okay, so you've filed an extensive application showing a broad experience and the spot is remaining open ... If this is the case, dissuasion is one of the most likely reasons to why you were declined a trial. Every full member have the right to say what they think about an applicant and often they do. The reason to why someone would not recommend to tag - or even recommend not to - an applicant will remain our secret. It might be lacking skill or just personality issues, either one is just as bad as the other from our perspective. We don't ask you to be someone you aren't, but most likely we won't risk losing one or more members over gaining a recruit. Neither do we wish to gear our players who are unlikely to pass trial in the first place as this often requires us to go back to "obsolete" content when we could work on progression and gearing up mains to the next level. The third scenario is bad credentials from previous guilds. Validus' members come from a great variety of guilds and servers and together we have connections in most guilds. Words of non-members are of course taken more lightly than those of members and we always try to find true story behind it all. If you expect previous guild members to not give you a recommendation, please give us your side of the story in your application rather than trying to hide it. Once declined due to dissuasion, the chances of ever getting a trial in Validus are very slim.

Can I reapply as another class after being denied a trial?

Yes and no. It pretty much comes down to why you were denied the previous trial. See "Why was my application rejected?" above for more details.

Can I reapply as another class after failing my trial?

Yes, you can. But, ask yourself what it was that made you fail your first trial. How can you guarantee that you will pass your trial as another class? Usually we don't retrial someone who has failed a trial, but if you for instance have applied with a class you aren't experienced enough with and the spot has opened up for your old main just as you failed the trial, by all means, send a new application with an elaborated argument to why we should give you a new shot. What's the worst that could happen?


Mon Aug 04, 2014 12:18 am
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