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 Applications: Procedure & Format 
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Who/What are Validus?

Validus was formed in May of 2006, by a small number of like-minded players who wanted to experience high-end raiding yet maintain a dignified presence in Norrath.
From that small number Validus has slowly evolved into the guild you see today.

We strive to be a guild of honour, where our members treats others as they like to be treated themselves, a guild where friendship, honour and loyalty stands above all else.
We believe that maintaining this code of honour as well as being in the frontier of raiding is in fact possible and that is our goal.
We strive to learn, improve and keep evolving both as a guild and as individuals, always seeking new challenges.

We see loot as a means to progress further into the realms of the end-game where the sense of achievement of beating an encounter is the ultimate reward.
We are not strangers to spending time wiping over and over again while learning new encounters, so if your goal is purely getting an easy ride to get hold of gear then this guild is not for you.

We do go after contesteds if we have a force available however we will not ask of our members to spend hours formed into a raid waiting for a contested to spawn.

This guild was built by a strong core of friends having the same goals and we aim to continue and honour this heritage.
Our members are our strength and our friendship is the bond that keeps us strong together as a Guild.

Offer your devotion, and Validus offers you a home.


* If you feel that dying, wiping again and again when testing, working out strategies to take mobs down is not your thing, then read no further.
* If you feel Validus would be a stepping stone to another guild, then please, read no more and do not apply to us.
* If you feel you would like to be part of a great guild, if you have the honour and integrity, then maybe, just maybe, Validus is the place for you.


- Level 100 with Myth buff.
- 350 AA and adequate AA spec(s).
- Have all expansions flagged and be a All-Access member.
- All abilities at least Expert level. We expect you to work actively on Master levels.
- Gear good enough to be of use and to let us evaluate your full potential. Your gear should be properly adorned.
- Attendance of 75% each month.
- Good knowledge of your class.
- Mature personality and minimal ego.

Application Form

In order to send us your application you must first register as a guest on Validus forums.
You will then receive an email in your inbox that you will have to follow to activate your account before you are able to post or send a Personal Message.

Once you have done so, copy and paste the following form into a Private Message* and send it to
Noobtroub or Luminii.

* Via these forums. NOT in-game mail, or eq2Flames!


1. Who are you? (Character name and class - provide link to character here)

2. Age? 18+ is a requirement - we expect maturity from our members(most of the time)

3. What are your playtimes? (Be specific ie list your playtimes, we are a GMT based raid guild.Please done waste both your time and our time by being a bit part raider. We fully expect as close to 100% attendance during trial period(if this cannot be maintained state why and your trial will be adjusted accordingly).

4. What is your prior guild history & raid experience (We may use these as a reference to your experience and committment to raiding. We also may reach out for prior opinions. Be as honest and open as possible. If you dont want to highlight something that may impend your application speak to one of the leaders/officers).

5. Why do you want to join Validus(What do you know about Validus? What do you think you can bring to our roster?

6. Who do you know in Validus & do you have a sponsor(if not, will someone sponsor you?)?

7. Have you read and are you willing to accept and follow all of our rules?

8. What is the role / possible roles of your class on raids(Be specific to what you think your class brings and what strengths will it bring to the raid)?

9. What are your AA paths for raiding? (Use to list your spec(s) if it's not your current spec, otherwise provide a link to your character. If not maxed AA, explain why and when you envisage to have them. Do you have a progression spec - 2nd life, DR, etc? )

10. List your Spell/Combat art quality here(All spells should be Expert and Mastered/GMed in the appropiate debuffs/DPS spells):

11. Provide us with an list of your gear and backup gear for progression(HP gear, Bolster items, HP charms, DR items(channeled protection) :

12. Tell us a bit about yourself and your ingame history:

13. Tell us a little about yourself and what prior experiences you have. This can include anything from RL experiences to ingame moments. In addition, do you have anything planned in the coming months that may impact your ability to commit to raid schedule(Summer holidays/Travelling/ Babies on the way, anything you deem relevant as this will give us a headsup about you).

Please note : if you choose to provide little to or no detail on any of the above questions(Blank or 1 word answers), we may decide you are not worth the effort to trial. The above application should take no more than 15-20mins of your time. Make it worth our while and we can make yours :)



Your application should be well written and in a mature manner.
It will likely be our members' first impression of you, and first impressions are important so make it a good one.
If your application it is poorly written, appears it took you less than 5 minutes to write, and doesn't reflect your desire or ability to raid, we will most likely discard it.
Our reasons being that if you cannot be bothered to spend the time writing a decent application, how can we expect you to put in the time and effort to perform adequately should we give you a trial?

We choose carefully among our applicants and consider ourselves fairly picky. We reserve our right to not hasten our decision of whom to trial or not. Should you be considered a suitable applicant by Validus' members, you will be contacted in game by an officer of Validus and granted a trial for four weeks. This might be extended if the members wish to see more of you before they make up their mind. The trial may also be terminated prior to these four weeks should we see that the player have no reasonable chance of passing the trial within a reasonable period of time.

What is expected for a full membership in Validus then?

A regular misconception is that it is very hard to pass a trial in Validus, and even though it might be for some, these are some of the criteria we evaluate during the recruitment and even once the trial is passed.

First of all we expect fluency in the English language, both when it comes to comprehension and communicating in the language yourself. We have no requirement in spoken fluency, not even a requirement in having a microphone, but we expect you to understand - sometimes complex - instructions in English, both spoken and written. The first test of your skills is, of course, that you've read the application information and the quality of your written application. Listen actively - we might do stuff different from what you are used to, making mistakes because you did not understand and asked to have it reexplained or simply because you did not listen will not be tolerated. As a recruit you are allowed to make mistakes, just like a full member, but you are always expected to learn from it and not do it repeatedly.

Attitude is another criterion which is taken into account. We are not looking for short time mercenaries, we are looking for people with intention of sticking around for a considerable period of time. If you don't like this game, you have nothing to gain here. We can lift a good experience to a be great one, but we can't turn EQ2 into something it is not.

We expect you to be active! This includes but is far from limited to attending raids. If you at your first raid see that your DPS suck compared to others', your tank dies over and over again or the adds you are supposed to tank run around killing people, ask people for advice and listen to those. There is usually a reason to why they are full members and why they parse/heal/tank better than you do - rarely just gear-related. First turn to the mains of your own class, but we also have a lot of people who play a lot of different alt classes very well. Remember that it is better to ask and seem ignorant than to remain ignorant. Few people have come here and blown us away with their skill the first day, but those who made it through our trial anyway had one thing in common: the guts to ask for advice. If you are too proud to ask, look for a guild with lower ambitions.

Finally, we expect you to wear the Validus guild tag with pride. The guild tag has been the trademark of a high quality player with the respect for other players - no matter of skill, guild tag or experience - for many expansions of EQ2 and we expect everyone to do what they can to keep it that way.

Should you have any questions at all, feel free to contact any Validus officer online.


Mon Feb 25, 2013 1:27 pm
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