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 Validus' Guild Rules 
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Validus' Guild Rules


- Show respect towards all other players and guilds on the Thurgadin server.
- We do not tolerate badmouthing, harsh language, begging or constant negative attitude.
- Do not violate any rules stated in the Everquest 2 EULA.
- A high amount of dedication, playtime and activity is expected on all areas.
- Long termed breaks can be accepted if you let the guild know in advance.
- Always be an active part of the forum community and read the boards often.
- Granting non-Validus members access to our forum is not allowed.


- Visit our recruitment page for more information on how to join Validus.
- Should the guild decide to tag a new recruit, a 4 week trial will be granted.
- After 3 weeks of trial, the Validus members will discuss and vote on whether to grant full membership or not.
- Once the 4 weeks of trial has passed, the recruit will either be granted full membership, receive a trial extension or be removed from the guild.
- There is no formal lower or upper limit of the trial's duration, but we expect to see a steady improvement towards our standards to stay on trial. Bad performance without any sign of being able to reach our standards within a reasonable time will lead to a terminated trial. Trials extended beyond 8 weeks are very rare exceptions.



- We raid up to 3 days per week depending on content available.

Sun - Mon -Thu:
Starts 19:00 GMT/UK (20:00 CET).
Raids end at around 23:00 GMT/UK (00:00 CET) but can be longer/shorter depending on circumstance.

We also have a call list for contested content. Contested pulls outside of scheduled raid hours count towards the attendance if within an hour of the raid schedule.

- A minimum raid attendance of 75% is expected each month.
- Attendance logs will be taken from Raid Start and clock every 30mins until raid is declared over.


- If you're going to be afk or late, be sure to post in our afk-section on our forums, if that is not possible, contact another member to notify the guild's leadership or post an afk in your stead. Being afk or late without notification WILL result in a dkp-penalty.
- If you are late for a raid be sure to let the raid leader know you are available, even if the raid is full. Not doing so might lead to removal of the entire night's DKP.
- Always assist the Main Assist (MA) if announced during the raid.
- Stay clear of the Main Tanks (MT) path when he is pulling.
- Tells may only be sent to the raid leader should it be of tactical importance or raid related.
- The raidleader will not be addressed during raidtime in a hostile way. If you have concerns with the raidleading talk to an officer/guildleader.
- Keep the atmosphere positive, espescially during raiding, badmouthing, overly negativism, espescially in public, will not be tolerated.
- Raid leaders lead the raid. Refusing to raid assigned target or unjustifiable contradiction of the raid leader can result in a DKP-penalty, or in the worst case, removal from the guild.
- Should you acquire aggro during the raid, run to the Main Tank (MT).
- Should you be forced to go AFK during a raid, be sure to put up your AFK tag and inform the raid leader.
- Using Raid Hub during official raids is mandatory. Not being logged into Raid Hub will result in not earning DKP.

Loot distribution


- DKP and attendance will begin clocking from designated raid time and the clock will stop when raid leader/leader says raid is over.
- 1 DKP is awarded for every 30 minute of raiding.
- Additional DKP is awarded for being on time for a raid.
- Contested encounters awards the double amount of DKP.
- A DKP bonus is awarded on significant first-time kills: 20 DKP
- A DKP penalty will be awarded if you're late / afk without posting in the afk-section.
- Logging in late awards you no dkp or attendance for the next half hour.
- Logging off/out early will award you no dkp or attendance for the last half hour before leaving.
- DKP will be updated in 30 minute intervals and these intervals will make up the monthly attendance.
To receive attendance for each interval you must be there for 15minutes(50%)+ of it.
- Extended afk during a raid will not award DKP for the afk period (extended meaning more than 15 minutes).
- Any AFK taken while in raid must be stated in /gu or chat channel and also in a tell to the DKP logger and raid leaders, if the AFK is unannounced it might result in a DKP-penalty.
- Raids taking place outside official raiding hours (between 0:00 and 19:00 CET) will use standard DKP rules but not count towards attendance.
- Minimum bidding is 5 for Fabled.
- There is a DKP-cap of 1000 DKP.
- Gear shall be properly adorned within a reasonable period of time from when it is aquired. Not adorning it might lead to DKP-penalty or a temporary loot stop until the issue is resolved.

In the event of a raid being called early...

if you are late and raid has been called early and you want the attendance checks then you WILL need to send either lumi,channy, a /tell/viber/TS or the forums where you can post that you logged in late .. post it as soon as you get online and then bump the same post at the time of the last check so we can see the times they were posted on the forum....If you fail at letting us know you were available you wont get the checks...These will only be for attendance checks not dkp.

rewarding both dkp and attendance for late shows that were part of the reason for raid being called is rather unfair for those that show up and didnt get a bonus.

- Should you have any questions regarding your DKP, contact any officer, or the designated DKP-officer.

Double DKP

- If attendance drops below 75% (based on 30-days) then you will be declared a Slacker. Slacker-rank members have to pay double your DKP bid for items until your attendance reaches what is required. I.e if you bid 10dkp, you will be charged 20dkp.
- Slackers have the same bid rights (i.e. can bid against) as full members, but your bid will be charged as double if you win.
- Consistant low attendance may result in further action.

Recruits and DKP

- Recruits will be earning DKP during the entire trial.
- Recruits may only bid on loot should no member show interest.
- Recruits bidding on loot should write (rec) next to their bidding offer.

Alts and DKP

- Alts may bid on loot should no member or recruit show interest.

- Full member alt bids are made in plat. Minimum start bid is 100 plat. Minimum increments is 50 plat if the current bid is below 100 plat,If bid is between 500 and 1k minimum is 100 plat . Gold, silver and copper are not bid with.

(Starting Bid 100) = 50 plat increment
(100 <= current bid < 500) = 50 plat increment
(500 <= current bid < 1000) = 100 plat increment
(1000 <= current bid) = 200 plat increment

As you win a piece of alt loot, you will be marked down with the in-game guild points to the same amount as you are supposed to pay. I.e. if you win a bid on 100 plat, you will get 100 guild points removed. By the end of the raid or during the next day, you simply put the equivalent amount of plat into GB 4 and notify an officer who's online, and they will even out your guild points account.

If you haven't balanced your loot debt by the start of the raid week (Sunday), you will not be allowed to bid on any loot until it is done.
That includes DKP bids for your mains as well. Balancing of guild points will usually not be made during regular raid time. If it's the last day of the calendar month, all debts shall be paid by the end of the raid. Any debts not adjusted within an hour of raid end will be directly drawn from that plat split in addition to the regular loot restriction. It is YOUR responsibility to pay for YOUR loot and to make sure your point balance is adjusted. Repeated slacking with the balance will remove your rights to bid on alt loot, temporarly or permanently depending on to which extent the balance has neglected.

- The alt must be of at least same tier as the loot and on the same server.
- Alts on different accounts must be able to zone in and get the loot within a very short period of time. The alt being on a different account shall be stated (diff acc) along with the bid.
- Alts of members may purchase Master spells* using coin where the price is half of the market value.
- Masters currently located in Guild Bank or sold on the broker for the guild by assigned member (Currently: TBA).
- Your attendance must be at or above the 75% limit (30 or 60 days) in order to be able to bid for alts.
- Recruits may not bid on alt-loot unless the alt is considered a potential raid alt by the officers or no one else is bidding. Contact an officer before the raid if you're interested.
- Main-changing members are still allowed to bid for alts during their trial.
- If no online member, recruit or alt wants a no-trade item, someone with an arrangement is allowed to bid for someone else who is offline.
This is the last preference and may only be done when the loot would otherwise be transmuted, auctioned in open channels or sold to a vendor.


- We normally do not allow alts within the guild.
- Alts are free to join any non-competative guilds they want. If in doubt what guilds are referred to as "competative", ask.

Dedicated Alts

- Dedicated alts are assigned by the guild leadership to cover the guild's needs.
- Dedicated alt bids override regular member alts but not mains.
- Minimum bid for dedicated alts are 5 DKP or 100 plat. DKP bids override plat bids should there be two DAs interested.
- Repeated nagging to become a dedicated alt will only ensure the opposite.

Guild bank

- Bank 1, 2 & 3 can freely be used by members.
- Bank 4 store raid loot and Master I spells and may only be accessed by officers.
- At the end of each month, a portion of the guild bank coins will be distributed amongst the Validus members.
- Be full member with >75% attendance for the month (recruits don't get it)
- The higher attendance above slacker rank, the more coin you will receive.


- In the past, being allowed to proceed with a main-change meant a penalty of 50% DKP loss at the point of switching mains. From now on, this 50% penalty will only be applied if either the person changing mains fails their trial with their new main, or has a change of mind and wishes to end their trial prematurely. The DKP value will be recorded at the point of main changing and used as a retrospective figure should the 50% loss need to be added at a future date. Officers will still have to agree to the main change in the first place, as has been done in the past.

- If the mainchange is asked by the leadership, the member will not be demoted to recruit but will be evaluated after one month by the leadership. If the evaluation is negative the leadership can ask the member to mainchange back to the previous class.

- During the mainchange period, the applicant is expected to play his previous main when asked to.

- If a member has been adressed several time about underperformance / ninja afk's / continuous negativity or badmouthing towards the officers / raidleaders and there has been no improvement noticed after a (very) few warnings the member can be demoted to the recruitrank to repass his trial. The opportunity to retrial will only be granted once. If the pattern repeats itself it automatically will lead to a removal from the guild.

Should the rules be unclear or incomplete, common sense is applied. Guild leaders or Raid leaders (depending on the situation) have the final words in all these matters. Lenience considering any rules may be applied at the Leadership's discretion.


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